Workshops and presentations
For small groups of five or six persons Rudy can present a workshop of one day concerning fly casting or special flyfishing methods for the beginner or advanced fly fisherman.
From 2014 Rudy will also give courses for the Fly Fishing Academy at trout fishery De Kool in Heelweg (to the east of Arnhem).
For a complete list of the courses that are given here, you can take a look at

Finest Flyfishing is a new flyfishing shop and webshop that is to be found in Bedburg-Hau near Kleve in Germany. For this shop I have given, among others, several courses on flyfishing for pike.
For a list of courses of this shop, you can surf to

On numerous national and international fishing shows Rudy van Duijnhoven has given demonstrations and lectures in fly casting.
As a member of the Board of Governors of the European Fly Fishing Association (EFFA), Rudy will, together with Sepp Fuchs, Bas de Bruin, GŁnter Feuerstein and others, examine people that want to do the exams for the EFFA Fly Casting Instructor Program.

People that do give instruction already for their fly fishing club for instance, can voluntary take part in this program and if they do pass the exam successfully, call themselves Basic Fly Casting Instructor or - one step higher - Master Fly Casting Instructor.
On the page with links you can find a reference to this program, which is set up to raise the level of fly casting instruction in Europe.

Rudy van Duijnhoven has a number of PowerPoint presentations available that he can show at fly fishing and angling clubs.
Some of the possible subjects are:

  • Fly fishing in the Netherlands
  • Saltwater fly fishing in Europe
  • Ireland, from trout to shark
  • Saltwater flyfishing in Belize and Loreto, Mexico
  • Flyfishing for pike and walleye/zander