Publications by Rudy van Duijnhoven


At the offices of several magazines in Holland and abroad (as well as at his own address) he has situated large stocks of digital pictures, with a great many topics around sport fishing as subjects.

From these publications have resulted in among others:
  • Fly Fishing in Salt Waters (USA)
  • Hèt Visblad (NL)
  • Plaisir de la Peche (F)
  • Flugfiske i Norden (S)
  • Blinker (D)
  • Fly Fishing & Fly Tying (UK)
  • Villmarksliv (N)
  • Fisch und Fliege, Rute und Rolle (D)
  • FliegenFischen (D)
  • Pesca Inn (I)
  • Sedge & Mayfly (I)
  • Focus (NL)
Furthermore Rudy van Duijnhoven has made contributions by way of pictures and/or articles for:
  • Saltwater Flyfishing, Britain and Northern Europe by Paul Morgan
  • Ken Schultz's Fishing Encyclopedia (USA)
  • Special issues by BEET-Sportvissersmagazine:
    • Vliegbinden & Vliegvissen
    • Zilt, Aas & Rigs, Rovers, Karper
    • Vissen in Nederland

Some recent articles can be seen here as a PDF-file:

Droge vliegen, Russisch   Fliegenfischen mit Tiefgang   Nieuwe wateren voor de vliegvisser, Fly Only   Auf der Suche nach Irischen Raubern   Op zoek naar Irish rovers